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The Best Blogging Resources


The Basics

Blogging Resources | Frugal Nesting | Bluehost


Bluehost Web Hosting:           This is the self-hosting provider that I chose once I decided to get serious about my blog.  I looked around and found that most of the reputable bloggers that I respect recommend Bluehost.  I’ve had nothing but good luck so far!  It’s super easy to set up a WordPress account through Bluehost and I love that live chat is an option for troubleshooting!  If you are looking for a solid web host I recommend checking out Bluehost here.  And if you want help getting started just check out my tutorial 15 Minute Quick Start Guide to Create a Blog!

The Foundation

Blogging Resources | Frugal Nesting | Grow Your Blog



Grow Your Blog: The Ultimate Blogger’s Course! This is an awesome course for beginners who either want to start a blog, but don’t know where to begin.  Or for people who have already created a website, but are now unsure of the next step.  This course offers a killer blueprint for you to get started and build that foundation.  A great first course for any new blogger!

Content Writing

Blogging Resources | Frugal Nesting | 30HH




30 Days of Less To Freelance Writing Success: A Course for Newbie Freelancers by Gina Horkey of the Horkey Handbook.  Gina is brilliant and has created this super actionable and understandable guide for newbie’s who are just itching to break into freelance writing, but don’t know how!  I just love this one!


Grow Your Traffic

Blogging Resources | Frugal Nesting | Increase Pageviews



Traffic Transformation Guide by Lena Gott of What Mommy Does:  This e-book details the 17 step strategy that Lena used to build traffic to her blog from 17K to 400,000+ page views per month after only 10 months.  It’s compact and broken down into easy, actionable steps that you can implement on your own blog to help increase your traffic too!  The e-book is super affordable too at only $79, which is cheap for something that is worth at least $100 or more!  Anyway, you can check out the details and buy her e-book here.


Blogging Resources | Frugal Nesting | MSOAM



Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing:  This e-course is ah-mazing!  I just finished it and I cannot rave enough!  Michelle Schroeder-Gardner created this course to help bloggers maximize their affiliate marketing strategy.  She is definitely an expert as a personal finance blogger earning over $50,000. PER. MONTH through affiliate marketing!  The course is chock full of amazing actionable steps plus bonus items and the most supportive exclusive mastermind Facebook group that I have come across.  It is absolutely worth the $197, because you will recoup that in affiliate earnings in no time!  Click here if you want to read up on the details!

Social Media

Blogging Resources | Frugal Nesting | Pinterest Strategy



Pinterest Strategy by Rosemarie Groner of The Busy Budgeter:  I love, love, LOVE this Pinterest strategy!  Pinterest is everything for blogging these days!  This strategy helped me go from just over 100 followers to over 1,000 followers over the course of only a few weeks!  That’s just the tip of the iceberg…I am just getting started and can’t wait to see how things explode once I really get going!  Rosemarie has had great success with this growing her online income from $18/MO to $22,000+ in 19 months using this strategy {so jealous}! You can access all of her tips and tricks here.