My Coupon Page:  This coupon page is probably one of the most comprehensive and inclusive on the web.  If I don’t have the coupon then the links I provide should send you to someone who does.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Ebates:         This is probably my favorite savings site around.  Primarily because you don’t really have to do much!  The easiest thing is to install the savings button in your toolbar, then just shop online like usual.  If the site you’re on gives cash back then you will see a pop-up asking you to opt-in. Do that, shop & watch the cash back savings roll in!  And you can still use coupon codes! Click here to get started with Ebates!





Ibotta:  I love Ibotta for many reasons, but one of those reasons is cash back rebates on alcohol!  Yes, I admit it…I am a total wine-o!  I accept and embrace that about myself.  Anyhoo, most people love Ibotta for the standard cash back rebates on groceries, household items, apparel, etc.  I do too, but the alcohol is a total bonus!  Ibotta is an app for your phone where you can select various items that you are shopping for.  Then you complete a super quick task which tends to be beneficial to you as well like accessing a recipe, reading a quick fact, viewing a short video or answering a brief multiple choice question…none take more than like 30 seconds.  That unlocks the deal, then you buy the item, scan the barcodes on your items and take a photo of your receipt.  You then get your cash back rebate within 24 hours once your items have been verified.  You can cash out at $20, which adds up quickly after only a few trips.  Also, the more Facebook friends you have using the app the more you can earn through challenges and bonuses throughout the month.  If you sign up with my link you will get a $10 bonus to start with, plus if you send me a friend request I can add  you to my team for power in numbers! Remember: you can stack Ibotta deals with coupons and other cash back rebates!




Checkout 51:  This one is similar to Ibotta, but not quite the same.  Checkout 51 has a long list of grocery and household items for which you upload your receipt, select which items were purchased and click “Claim It” to submit for cash back!  You can cash out once you’ve reached $20!  Every week they have a pick your own offer on produce where you can choose from 5 options to get $0.25 back.  They often have bonuses running, for example, in the fall there was a back-to-school bonus where you could earn an additional $0.50 if you claimed two offers from a specific list.  You can unlock additional offers by taking a specific action.  And once a week you can upload any receipt over $60 for an entry into their $500 drawing!  As with Ibotta, you can stack these savings with other coupons & offers!





MobiSave:  This one is my most recent find and I LOVE it!  Why do I love it?  High-value cash back returns and they pay right away…you don’t have to wait to meet a certain threshold {awesome}!!  I got $4 back on one purchase of the Children’s Allegra that I was already going to buy.  Then considering it was already on sale and I had a paper coupon I made out like a bandit!  It started out as a $12 bottle, on sale for $9.99 – $3 manufacturer coupon – $4 MobiSave = $2.99 (77% OFF!)  Anyway, this works just like the others with one huge BUT>>>you MUST select your offers BEFORE you shop!  I just load them all “just in case” that way you’re covered!  They have a great variety of offers from generic offers on the basics like produce, dairy, household items, etc.  And they also offer some unique higher end items you don’t find on some of the other apps.  This is a keeper, you can download MobiSave here with my code: JKPSZNAN





UBER:  We LOVE Uber!  This is the side hustle that has allowed the Mister to stay home with our boys during the day.  The flexibility of being able to set your own hours on nights, weekends and holidays is perfect for our family!  It’s great for musicians, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, etc.  Really for anyone who needs a flexible way to earn either part-time side-hustle or full-time bill paying money! You can get more info HERE.

Lyft:  Another great rideshare service is Lyft.  The Mister uses Lyft as well, even though the above is his “go-to” because he started with them.  One of the Associate Directors at my day job also drives for Lyft and swears by them!  I hear that many people use both and find a nice balance between what works best for them and when.  If you’re ready to sign up, then click HERE and use my code: ALEA769303 to earn an extra $3 for every ride you give in the first 30 days up to $360!




UberEATS: If you’re not comfortable driving people around, which is an issue for many of my girlfriends, then delivering food for UberEATS is an AWESOME alternative!  The Mister does this in addition to the rideshare and told me that his busiest UberEATS day is Sunday. That’s awesome for people who might be able to work that day, but other businesses are closed.  You can sign up as a driver or you can just use your bike/scooter to pick up the food and make deliveries!





Xero:  Oh man do we LOVE Xero!  But what is it exactly?  In a nutshell, Xero is beautiful accounting.  Or a Cloud-based online accounting software app for small businesses.  You can manage business expenses, cash flow, payroll, and TONS more all in one place with Xero.  Unlimited accounts allow everyone handling your business to work from anywhere on any device with the mobile app.  Convenient cloud accounting software is essential for any modern small business. You need to be able to handle your business on the go to stay competitive. This awesome online accounting software is perfect for bloggers, makers, virtual nomads or any other small business owner looking for a convenient way to manage the financial aspects of their business on the go.  In fact, I {heart} it sooo much I wrote a whole post about it HERE!  Use coupon code XERO30NOW to get 30% off for the first 6 months.  Click HERE to start your FREE 30-day trial now!