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A cozy space for quick updates from me to you in between posts, but far more in-depth than 140 characters!  A glimpse into what’s happening in my world on a regular basis as well as details on the progression of my blogging journey!  You can just learn from my mistakes & successes as I stumble along!  This bullet journal will be updated regularly and organized into monthly pages for quick navigation.  And check out my most recent love note to you!  Make sure to reach out to me with questions, comments, musings, whatever!  Thanks again for being here!

January 2017

  • January 23rd @ 10:59 AM \\ It’s Monday guys…how’s it going?  Boy was it tough to get out of bed today.  Mornings like this really remind me of why I am striving to become my own boss and work from home sooner than later.  If you’re in the same boat & have been throwing around the idea of starting a blog then you should glance at my tutorial HERE to help you on your way.  And my friend, Gina, has two brilliant free courses available if becoming a Virtual Assistant or focusing on Freelance Writing is more your style!  Blogging is a fickle mistress {LOL}…today is super duper slow, but what a HUGE surge we had over the past week!  I love the roller coaster of it…I must thrive on drama!  Oh, and a HUGE “Thank You” hug goes out to all of you for helping me reach my Instagram goal of 1,000 followers last week!  IG is the slowest to grow, but is the most genuine and engaged…which is why it is my favorite!  So thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  • In other news, you probably know by now that I live for the weekend.  This weekend was no different and was definitely not long enough!  We took my car in for service and went for breakfast at Lil’ Jon Restaurant & Lounge in Bellevue while we waited.  This will be featured on an upcoming episode of our family vlog, so stay tuned!  After that, we went to the Hydroplane & Raceboat Museum to celebrate the 50th birthday of my coworker’s hubby!  I love family friendly parties and this did not disappoint!  They had a live band, a hot dog cart, and Blue Moon {my favorite}!  Oh, and the cake actually had buttercream frosting…none of that funky whipped stuff I can’t stand!  Anyway, I got only the basics done around the house.  I never found time for studying or blogging…poo!  In all honesty, I was a bit down over the weekend with everything that’s been going on recently.  So perhaps I just lost motivation & vegged to deal with that… who knows.  I do know that my MBA mentor is going to have a few choice words for me though!  So I’d better get on the ball and wrap this one up so I can focus on the last two challenging courses!  Wish me luck!
  • January 12th @ 10:56AM \\ Hello stranger!  Not sure if you remember me.  I’ve been totally lame & neglected all of you for more than 2 months.  What’s wrong with me?  Oh right…I’m a mom!  So we’re about halfway through the first month of the new year and I must say that I am making progress!  Where it counts anyway.  I promised back in like July or August that I was going to clear out my paper inbox at work.  Did that happen?  No…  But here it is, like 6 months later & I finally did it!  I’m really getting through things at work and finally starting to feel like I’m gaining traction for the first time since coming back from maternity leave in April.  It’s just the nature of my job…always behind, treading water…what have you!  So I am feeling mighty good about that!  I now have 3 classes left in my MBA before graduation, so that is where I need to focus more energy after taking a huge break over the holidays.  I’m totally stumped by this one class, so I’m getting creative and completing the next one first to feel that psychological boost to push me forward!  Anyone else ever need that?  On the home front, all is well.  We celebrated Baby Guy’s 1st birthday in December, had a lovely holiday season and my sister & lovely BIL welcomed my first nephew early this month.  They named him after my late grandfather, which I am just thrilled about!  As a result of some of the conversations I’ve been having with this new mama, I have decided to create my own FB support group for moms.  It’s brand spankin’ new, just like my nephew, so we are just getting started.  We would love to have you join us HERE.  Also, our crazy family has decided to turn our personal YouTube channel into a public family vlog in case you want to watch us in action.  We’re still fine tuning & working on editing/scheduling, but you can check it out HERE.
  • Blog wise there have been so many ups & downs…I can tell you that blogging is NEVER boring!  That’s one thing I love about it!  My page views have been through the roof for like the past 3-4 months which has been incredible!  I got accepted to a lovely new ad network & have been selected to participate in a super cool campaign, but I’m not allowed to share that with you here {sad face}.  I am super pumped to be a part of the incoming class for Elite Blog Academy this February, which I have been dying to take for ages now!  You’ll start to see the results of that this spring & summer once I’ve graduated from my MBA and really dive into EBA!  In the meantime just make sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter! Snuggles…


December 2016

  • December \\  And I failed at updating you in December as well…

November 2016

  • November \\  Came & went with no good updates from me.  Sorry…I’m lame!

October 2016

  • October 4th @ 11:20AM \\ Hi guys!  So I have been just terrible.  Terrible, terrible, terrible!  I keep leaving you guys uninformed on our goings on for weeks at a time and I am so sorry.  I know I say this every time, but it’s been an absolute nuthouse around here!  Just so you know, the primary reason I have been MIA is that I MUST pass this Business Finance course for my MBA by the end of this month and I am crazy behind.  Not to mention it is crazy difficult!  I totally thought I’d be able to breeze through it like I have all of my other courses, but not a chance!  So I am pulling myself up by my bootstraps and studying my behind off!  Other than that we just celebrated Grant’s 7th birthday and had our fifth party at MyGym, which I will be posting about in the near future.  He also finally started soccer the other day and they had their first scrimmage game after just one practice.  I am officially a soccer mom now!  And my baby looks so professional in his cute soccer outfit…he’s a natural!  My iPhone 7 should be delivered this week, which I am totally stoked about and will be reviewing soon.  I had decorating for Halloween on my calendar for this weekend, but with Grant’s party and that soccer game {and studying} I did not get it done.  Oh, and we have officially entered the homework years, so he is coming home with math, writing and reading homework each evening.  That make our already crazy evenings even more challenging.  Mommy Olympic champions we are, right?!?!  We are just wrapping up the crazy busy time at work and I am so glad to see it go!  That did not help my sanity at all, but we should be able to get back to normal here soon.  And in SUPER exciting news: one of my blog posts went viral the other day!  Like over 4,000 views in just one day viral!  If it continued at that pace that would be almost 1.5 million views in a year!  WHAT?!?  Yep…I will write a fun post about that, but it’s been one of the most exciting experiences with my blog so far!  And some of you who are reading this are part of the huge avalanche of new followers that came with it.  So thank you and welcome!  I am so totally thrilled to have you here!!  Pop me a note and let me know what’s going on with you and let me know if you have questions or have something specific you would like me to get into!  Thanks & enjoy!

September 2016

  • September 13th @ 8:59AM \\  Did you miss me?  It’s been like 2 whole weeks since I last updated my little journal here!  I still feel like I’m all over the place and CONSTANTLY have to remind myself of what I am focusing on right now otherwise I am running here & there like a chicken with my head cut off!  If you are working on getting your blog off the ground please take my advice and write down small actionable goals to 100% FOCUS on so you don’t get scattered, worn thin & become completely ineffective!  So I met my first two goals of gaining 1,000 Twitter and Pinterest followers, so now my focus is Instagram.  This one is not quite as easy as the other two, but quite a bit more fun!  I’m up to 281 as of today!  I’m still trudging through my MBA, I have one more paper to finish my current course and then have to rush to complete the assessment on my 2nd so I can begin the 3rd & complete by the end of October…do you think I can do it? Yikes!  In other news, Mister as the “Manny” is going beautifully!  I can’t wait to tell you more about it in two upcoming blog posts so stay tuned!!  I’m also working on one or two or three holiday-themed posts, a freebie for you darlings, beefing up my resources pages, etc.  Do you see what I mean?  I have to be strategic in my focus or I’ll go crazy!!  I was aiming for one post per month so I can focus on the other urgent things going on in my world, but I just don’t think that’s realistic when I’m bursting at the seems to blog with every spare (and not so spare) moment I have!  I digress…  Anyway, until next time make sure to break out the cozy sweaters & drink a couple Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes and we’ll catch up soon!  Snuggles!