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The One Creative Thing Every Pregnant Mom Should Do

If you are a newly pregnant mom this is one of the first things you should do for yourself. It's so important to document your journey and maintain a method of self-care.

A Creative Idea for Every Pregnant Mom

Hey, Mama!  I am so excited for you…congratulations!  I am one of those crazy gals who truly loved being pregnant and I so hope it’s the same for you!

Pregnancy is such a wild time filled with excitement mixed with anxiety. Add to that a million questions about the unknown and some serious planning and you’ve got a lot on your plate as a newly pregnant mom!

One other thing that I recommend you add to the list is starting your very own personal blog right now.  And, “Why?” you might ask.  Well, I have some very good reasons for you!

Self Care Journaling

Pregnancy is such a crazy time.  It’s like a hormonal & emotional rollercoaster.  So self-care is truly vital for the well-being of every pregnant mom.

One great outlet for self-care is journaling.  And as much as we would all love to be those bullet journal people…for many of us it’s just not realistic.  However, journaling online is a much more sustainable option.

And blogging is, in many ways, like a form of online journaling.  It’s such a cathartic outlet to release your thoughts, emotions, struggles, and elation as you navigate these 40-ish weeks.  And doing so online is so simple and easy to maintain.


One Year Blogging: Lessons Learned

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There are many lessons learned after just one year blogging. It's the period where you make the most mistakes but also learn the most. Check out my insights



One Year Blogging Anniversary

Yay!  It’s my blog’s birthday today!!  Frugal Nesting is one year old today!  No…as much as I would love to do a fun little photo shoot with a smash cake, I will settle for a celebratory cocktail and dinner out with the fam!  Here’s to one year blogging!


I cannot believe that I’ve made it a full year into this extraordinary journey!  One of the things that this process has taught me is how important introspection is for centering yourself & creativity.


So I took some time today to sit and think about this past year and reflect on everything that has happened in my life.  And the overriding theme that really stands out is LEARNING {and growth} but mainly learning.


I always knew that I would be a lifetime learner because I love, love, loved college {and actually work at one now}!  I become easily obsessed with new topics and am in a constant state of seeking.  Nothing ever feels quite “good enough”.


That helps me in some areas, but can also be a weakness.  Regardless, this past year has been FULL of learning.  And I have loved every minute of it!


And today I want to help you learn…from my experience that is!  Below you will find some of the wisdom I have gleaned from my first year as a blogger.  You will find some processes, some wins, some fails & grand plans for the future!  So dig in to hear how it all went during my one year blogging so far!



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