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Financial Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When You Have Young Children

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Avoid these seven common financial mistakes that families make all the time. Knowledge is power and you can learn from the savings mistakes made by others.


Financial Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When You Have Young Children

by Josh Wilson | Personal Finance Blogger


Becoming a parent for the first time is an exciting — and overwhelming — time. The practical aspects of preparing for a new addition can be daunting.

This is particularly true when you combine the emotional ups and downs of saying goodbye to one chapter of your life with the advent of an entirely new chapter. In the process, many new parents forget a crucial aspect of preparing for their little ones: financial planning.

While it may not seem like an obvious item on the new to-do list, having a game plan for your money is critical to ensure that you stay on track with your financial goals. Read on to learn more about how you can avoid some common financial mistakes that many new parents make when they welcome a child into their family.


A Guide to Personal Finance for Young Families

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Check out this guide to personal finance for young families. You will find out how to create a quick and easy financial plan for your family. Includes tips on coordinating family meetings to create a quick & easy budget, the best savings apps, saving for college, and more. Great tips & tricks for frugal living when you are just starting out after an expensive wedding, buying your first home or having a baby.

A Guide to Personal Finance for Young Families

by Jacob Evans | Personal Finance Blogger


When you find that special someone you love, you can get caught up in having a wedding, buying a house, or even having children, and your finances can get pushed way down on your priority list. This can really hurt your family in the long run, though.


While personal finance is important for everyone, it’s an especially important part of starting a family. You need to make sure you’re thinking about everyone’s needs in the short term with a budget but also in the long term by putting some money in savings.


Don’t be afraid to talk finances.

The most important thing when it comes to managing finances as a family is to maintain open communication about money. A lot of people just have anxiety around money. Money makes them feel nervous or ashamed.  But it really is the first step to getting on the right foot as a family.


Convenient Cloud Accounting for Small Business | XERO

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Convenient Cloud Accounting for Small Business | Frugal Nesting


As a busy working mom and small business owner, convenience has become my middle name.  I simply do not have the time or patience to deal with clunky outdated processes and systems.  And as my blog has grown, I’ve begun researching all of the possibilities that are available to me to help manage, document, track, organize and categorize my business expenses and cash flow.  So I am on the lookout for convenient cloud accounting for my small business.

I am also looking toward the future for when hiring a Virtual Assistant becomes a welcome reality for my business!  So I need to be prepared for two things that will come along with hiring a VA.  One is that they will need to have easy access to my records in order to help me manage all of the moving pieces of my business. Two, I will need a convenient way to manage payroll.

And I DO NOT want to be dealing with a different software for every aspect of my business.  I need one thing that will do it all and will do it quickly & easily.  Back to that ever important convenience factor!

In my research, I recently came across an awesome company called Xero.  Xero is beautiful accounting software…online accounting software that is managed through the Cloud.  Yes, the Cloud…meaning you can access your information from anywhere, anytime and on any device you choose!  Yay, can you say convenient?!?!

Click here to learn more about Xero.

Convenient Cloud Accounting

Small business owners are using Xero for everything from managing business expenses, to handling payroll, and invoicing.  What can Xero do for you:

  • Connects to your bank account
  • Unlimited users
  • Create + reconcile expense claims
  • Calculate payroll, manage taxes + pay employees
  • Create + email custom purchase orders
  • Mobile app available
  • Connects to popular business apps including PayPal
  • Tools for POS, inventory, job tracking, CRM + more
  • No installation required, automatic backups + free upgrades
  • And SOOO much more!

Xero will connect right to your bank account where transactions quickly match up to be categorized.  You can also create and email custom purchase orders which can be copied to bills for payment.

The Convenience Factor

It’s super convenient for your accountant or bookkeeper to use or you can just convert info from QuickBooks.  In fact, you can add unlimited users so everyone in your business can handle finances from anywhere.  And Xero’s mobile app will allow you to send real-time invoices that provide an alert when opened so your clients can just pay online.  See…just another step closer to becoming a true virtual nomad or allowing employees to work from home when they have a sick kid!

Check out Xero’s special introductory offer of 30% off for the first six months with promo code XERO30NOW

With Xero, you can accept or reject those time off requests from employees.  You can also keep track of timesheets and various other payroll tasks including payment, direct deposit, and payroll status.

Xero is a brilliant way to keep track of that pesky financial side of small business ownership!  This convenient cloud accounting software is  easy to use, and saves so much time and energy.  Plus you have access to free online support 24/7!  Click HERE to start your free 30-day trial today [no credit card required – yay]!

FYI: Nonprofits get an exclusive 25% discount!


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