Waiting On The Line…


My day by day diary documenting my journey through TTC and “The Two-Week Wait”.  When I began to experience what seemed like early pregnancy symptoms “too early”, I began to research.  I found that all experts say “not possible”, however I found forums documenting hundreds of women who experience the same.  Many of these women came to find out that they were pregnant and their symptoms may have been surrounding implantation, etc.  However a number of people indicated that it was just intuition or they were just that in tune with their bodies.  I’d like to think that it’s a little bit of all of that, plus every woman is different!


When you stop to think about it, wouldn’t it make sense that you would begin to notice changes right away with such a significant event?  So many teeny tiny things are occurring inside your body & for those things to occur you’d think you’d notice something going on!  Anyway, I began to notice this on Ovulation Day +4 and am now on OD+6.  I will keep you posted!!

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