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Tips to find cheap jogging strollers for the mom & baby on a budget. These strollers are a must-have for the postpartum mama trying to lose the baby weight!

by Sarah Snyder-Castañeda | Parenting Blogger

I’m not going to lie – I use my stroller for way more than its intended purpose. I use it to unload groceries, I put my child in it and walk around the house to entertain her. Let’s face it – strollers can become a pretty important staple in our lives. Whether you are expecting your first child or fifth, you may have wondered if you need a jogging stroller.

I’m going to argue that you don’t need one, but once you’ve tried one, you’re not going to want to go back. And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to be a jogger to appreciate them! While baby stuff is expensive, there are ways to ease the burden of buying a jogging stroller. Here are a few of my favorite tricks and tips for doing that.

Why A Jogging Stroller?

Jogging strollers aren’t just for joggers. They need little force to push, so they’re easy to handle. They also navigate bumps and changes in terrain better than any other stroller. You won’t find another stroller that navigates through various terrain with such ease and durability.

Budget Jogging Strollers

The first way to save money is to get out of the mindset that you have to spend several hundreds of dollars. There are plenty of jogging strollers in the affordable price range to consider. When trying to select one, be sure to consider are size, weight restrictions, and height. The best jogging strollers for under $200 will be durable and easy to store and fit into your car. Depending on which bells and whistles you value most, it’s possible to secure a good one without going broke. A couple of popular ones are the Baby Trend Expedition and Evenflo Victory.

Second-Hand Jogging Strollers

You can find the strollers listed above or more expensive strollers at a lower cost, you just need to know where to look. Try some of the following locations to get a virtually new stroller at almost half the price. Or, look to buy a used stroller that is in good condition; just be sure to check the safety recall list before purchasing.


  • Craigslist

  • Facebook neighborhood swaps

  • Consignment stores

  • Garage sales

  • Let Go app


Buy A Travel System

Another option is to get a jogging stroller and car seat combo. While they can cost in the hundreds, if you bought each item separately you would probably spend more. You could even re-sell the jogging stroller as your child grows out of it, or use it for your next bundle of joy. Two popular choices are the Graco Fastaction Fold Jogger Click Connect and the Baby Trend EZ Ride 5.

Use A Rewards Program

Another way to help absorb the cost of a jogging stroller is to utilize a rewards program. If you’re a Target Red Card member or use Amazon Prime, take advantage of those fringe benefits. Or if you have a hotel rewards card, at least charge it (then pay it off right away) to get those hotel points (hello, Mommy Day!).


If you only buy one stroller for your child, buy a jogging stroller. They seem expensive, but in the long run, you save by not needing to replace them over the years. Plus, they just make the whole stroller experience so much more pleasant!


Sarah Snyder-Castañeda is a proud new mom and creator of Baby Brain, a blog about baby gear and new mom life. When not stealing baby cuddles, she can be found watching Game of Thrones with her husband. Follow her on Twitter or Pinterest

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