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If you are a newly pregnant mom this is one of the first things you should do for yourself. It's so important to document your journey and maintain a method of self-care.

A Creative Idea for Every Pregnant Mom

Hey, Mama!  I am so excited for you…congratulations!  I am one of those crazy gals who truly loved being pregnant and I so hope it’s the same for you!

Pregnancy is such a wild time filled with excitement mixed with anxiety. Add to that a million questions about the unknown and some serious planning and you’ve got a lot on your plate as a newly pregnant mom!

One other thing that I recommend you add to the list is starting your very own personal blog right now.  And, “Why?” you might ask.  Well, I have some very good reasons for you!

Self Care Journaling

Pregnancy is such a crazy time.  It’s like a hormonal & emotional rollercoaster.  So self-care is truly vital for the well-being of every pregnant mom.

One great outlet for self-care is journaling.  And as much as we would all love to be those bullet journal people…for many of us it’s just not realistic.  However, journaling online is a much more sustainable option.

And blogging is, in many ways, like a form of online journaling.  It’s such a cathartic outlet to release your thoughts, emotions, struggles, and elation as you navigate these 40-ish weeks.  And doing so online is so simple and easy to maintain.

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Documenting Your Journey

I can tell you from experience how crucial it is for every pregnant mom to document this journey.  This time in your life is unlike any other and most of us only experience it a few times, if we’re lucky.

And SO much happens in these few special weeks.  We all think we will remember everything, but pregnancy brain makes that very difficult.

You will want to look back on this special time for so many reasons.  And I promise, there will come a day when you will miss being pregnant and want to relive some of it.

Or you may want to remember certain things for your next pregnancy, or to give advice to a friend, or to share some special moments with this baby when they are older.  It can serve as sort of a pre-baby book!

Provide Fresh Advice + Solutions to Other Moms

One thing that you may have already learned about pregnancy is that you will always be in search of information.  And nothing is more relevant than the insight of other mothers and pregnant women.  Nobody knows what you’re going through better.

So when you document your journey, your fears, your challenges and the solutions to them, you are providing a needed resource to those who are seeking answers for themselves.  What a great thing for one pregnant mom to leave for other new mothers!


One thing that struck me early on in my blogging journey was the community.  I quickly realized how close knit & supportive the blogging community is.

This can be helpful to you, as a pregnant mom, as you come to a time in your life where you need the biggest support system possible.  And you may find that you have limited contact with other adults after your baby is born.  Or even if you end up on bed rest before that.

Having a community of other adults who are supporting each other to reach their dreams & goals can be very important to your wellbeing.

Side Hustle

Maternity leave varies widely from one position to another.  So you may have no paid time off at all or all the way up to a year (or more outside the US).  And your maternity leave will rarely provide you with your full salary.  So how do you make ends meet while on leave?  What if you want to take a longer leave than you could otherwise afford?

One great way is to monetize this new blog.  If you start your blog while you’re pregnant and build a catalog of posts and a loyal tribe, then you may be able to earn additional money for your leave.

In addition, you will have all the time in the world to work on your new blog once your baby is born.  You will be home, often alone, with your baby and you will already be awake almost 24-7 anyway.

Why not use that time to build your blog into a thriving side hustle?  In addition to helping you afford your time on leave, it can also help you pay for the astronomical cost of childcare like we did!

And if you’re really successful with this, like these ladies, then you could even lay the groundwork to become a stay-at-home mom (if that’s what you want)!

Good Reasons

Pretty good reasons, huh?  I know you may or may not have considered creating your own blog before today.  For the longest time I’d heard about blogs, but it was just kind of a random thing I’d only heard of in passing.  Not anything that had ever crossed my mind for me.

But I began coming across blogs and reading them more & more over time.  And I read a post one day about how easy it is to get started even if you’re not tech savvy.  So I jumped.  And never looked back!

My journey has evolved over time, much like I noted above, from a personal journal to a way to help others.  And now into a growing side business that I love, love, love!

So jump and thank me later!  And if you do start a blog, please visit me again and let me know where I can find it so I can check it out!

I adore reading new blogs!  Anyway, take care of yourself mama and have a lovely pregnancy!  Congrats again!


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