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The ultimate wish list for the essential oils lover in your life! All of these will make her oily journey more fun, beautiful and productive. Happy giving!



1 | Essential Oils Diffuser Necklace: This is such a beautiful piece that she can wear every day & think of you. It can be customized with different colored refill pads.  This is perfect because essential oils can be used with this to promote a sense of well-being based on her needs.

2 | Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser: This is the holy grail of diffusers! It is made of solid American maple & glass and offers both LED lights and a selection of soothing sounds.  You also get 2 free oils when you purchase this one. Not to mention it is GORGEOUS!!  [Young Living Distributor ID 11854996]

3 | Colorful Roller Bottles: We often use plain amber or blue glass for our everyday blends, but these add a welcome pop of color!

4 | Amber Glass Spray Bottles: These are perfect for DIY hair refreshers, linen sprays, and household sprays that we use our oils to create. Use the cute labels below to create Instagram worthy bottles!

5 | Roller Bottle Carrying Case: We need to take our arsenal of roller bottles wherever we go and this is the perfect compact solution!  This keeps them neat, protected & close at hand.

6 | Decorative Oil Display Rack: Anyone who uses oils will tell you that one of the keys to successfully using your oils is to keep them visible. They need to be out and easily accessible or they will gather dust.  And Young Living bottles are already so pretty, this just allows us to display them more easily!

7 | Essential Oils Pocket Reference: This book is everything!  It has everything you would ever want to know about all of the various oils.  And gives suggestions for their use.  But the best part is that it also lists a laundry list of health concerns that can be treated with oils and tells you how!  I love this SO much!

8 | Fancy Oil Labels: These labels make any bottle or DIY creation pop!  They look super fun, creative, and professional.  Everyone will want whatever you have in there!  And it will make you want to use the bottle all the time.  Perfect for DIY cleaning supplies…it’s much for fun to clean with fun cute things!!

9 | Oil Bottle Opener Tool:  These cute gadgets can open any roller bottle or take the plastic cap off of just about any oil bottle.  I love these because I am not very good at prying these off myself & always get messy when I try.  Perfect stocking stuffer!

10 | Chalk Labels: For every day rollers or sample gifts these chalkboard labels or brown craft paper labels are super cute & fairly cheap! We love everything to look cute + oh so #basic!  These are great because they have a variety of sizes to fit any job!


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