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The perfect gift guide for pumping or nursing moms. All of the tools to make her breastfeeding journey a successful and comfortable one!

1 | Nursing + Teething Necklace:  This is awesome for mamas with babies who get easily distracted while nursing or need something to play with to stay occupied.  This also doubles as a teething necklace so teething babies have something to bite on anytime + anywhere. Plus they are super cute!

2 | Mama Bear Mug:  Everyone knows that moms run on coffee, but many nursing moms run on tea instead!  This darling mug is perfect for mamas who drink lactation tea (or coffee)!

3 | Lactation Tea:  Lots of nursing moms need some level of boost during their nursing journey.  And this is the best tasting (and effective) lactation tea that I have found.  This tea is also available in a K-Cup option!

4 | Tea Leaf Infuser: Some moms prefer fresh, loose leaf tea like you can get from Teavana or Mrs.Patels (lactation tea).  I totally get that.  In that case, this loose leaf tea infuser is awesome & totally Instagram worthy!

5 | Nursing Balm – This is an essential for the first few weeks, but it’s soothing at any stage.  This has all the good stuff in it and is the “go to” these days, plus its a great natural option!  The new mom in your life will thank you!

6 | Multiuse Wrap – This thing is fab-u-lous!  You can wear it as an infinity scarf and a nursing cover.  It can also be used as a snug (but ventilated) car seat cover, in a shopping cart or a highchair to keep little ones away from all those scary germies! 5 birds…1 stone! You just can’t beat the style + functionality of this product!

7 | Nursing Bra – Every nursing mom will tell you what a challenge it is to find just the right nursing bra.  Mystery solved.  This one is perfect!  I’ve tried a bunch and this one takes the cake.  It even works for full-figured mamas, which is always a win.  It’s a great quality and provides the support we are all looking for.

8 | Hakaa – I didn’t know what this was until I was well into my journey.  This thing is incredible, particularly for new moms.  Just pop this on to one side with suction while you nurse on the other, you don’t have to do anything else. It will collect milk you would otherwise lose during letdown & relieve engorgement. Life changer!

9 | Pop Socket – What is this for, you might ask.  Well, ask any nursing mama who has inadvertently dropped her phone onto her nursing baby’s head and she will understand. Nursing moms have to do everything with one hand, including using the phone.  This simplifies that whole process and keeps baby’s head safe!

10 | Nursing Pads – These reusable, washable breast pads are SO much comfier than the crunchy disposable ones. And less noticeable.  Plus they are sustainable and made by a small company. Win-win!

All of these products will make the nursing mama in your life more comfortable.  She will be thrilled to receive any of these!  Happy giving!

And remember…make your purchases using Ebates for the possibility of receiving a cash-back rebate!


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