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A curation of my very favorite quick & easy cleaning guides from Pinterest. These are perfect for every scenario from a quick pickup to spring deep cleaning!


Cleaning is so NOT my favorite thing to do, however, I want my house to be spotless.  Clearly, those two things don’t go together.  So I figured I have two options:

1 | Hire a cleaning lady

2 | Get my lazy butt up and do it myself

And since we are trying so very hard to be frugal and stay on a budget I just couldn’t justify hiring someone to come in and clean up after me.  So left option number two: do it my darn self.

But how?  Now, of course, I know how to clean…I’ve been doing it since I was just a kid.  But what is the BEST way?


I needed something quick, efficient, and systematic with actionable steps that were not too overwhelming for my type A, OCD brain to handle.

So, as I do with everything, I turned to Pinterest to find those tried and true schedules, plans, checklists, and hacks that work for the moms out in the trenches.  And I found the mother load!

So I went through and picked out my absolute favorite cleaning guides to share with you here.  Now you too can implement these incredible tips into your own cleaning routine!

Just visit the cleaning guides that make sense for your needs and let me know how it goes!!  Happy cleaning!

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1 | Speed Cleaning

speed cleaning

via Somewhat Simple

2 | Clean Like: A Maid

'Free Download: How to Clean Like a Maid Cheat Sheet...!' (via Curbly)


3 | How to Clean Your Home Before Guests Arrive


4 | 9 Things People with Spotless Houses Do Every Day

cleaning infographic about tricks a tips to keep your home clean

via MaidSavvy


5 | Cleaning Calendar

cleaning cal

via KIDtoKID


6 | Caring for the Most Neglected Parts of Your Home



7 | Whole House Deep Cleaning Checklist

Tips for how to enjoy deep cleaning your house + a free whole house cleaning checklist printable + free cleaning kit from Mrs. Meyers and Grove Collaborative. #sponsored

via Bless’er House

8 | How Often You Should Clean Everything

via Good Housekeeping

9 | 15 Cleaning Hacks

via Daily Infographic

10 |

How to clean anything and everything in your home, with a room by room guide {on Stain Removal 101}

via Stain Removal 101

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