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My personal story of how essential oils came into my life. Read to find out why I became obsessed with Young Living and how I got to where I am now. #oilymama #oilyfamily #essentialoils



My oily story is quite unique and actually started long ago.  Long, long ago…like childhood long ago.  My aunt got involved with an essential oils organization called Melaleuca, which I now know comes from the scientific name of the Tea Tree (Melaleuca alternifolia).  So Tea Tree oil quickly became a staple in our home when I was a kid and a “cure-all” for any ailment.  We used it on burns, to clear up acne, to clean, etc.  We also began using various household products made by the company like shampoo/conditioner & cleaning supplies.


As time went on we became more and more reliant on certain things, like this one supplement called “Activate” which we used anytime we feel like we were getting sick.  And I also used their full line of prenatal vitamins when I was expecting my first son.  Great stuff!


That was all great and wonderful, but I didn’t really ever give it much thought.  I also didn’t realize that Tea Tree oil is an essential oil and it’s not the only one with incredibly useful properties.  However, as the years went on + I became an adult, I began to see more and more of my acquaintances referencing essential oils.  It kinda piqued my interest, but I was too busy to really explore.



It Takes A Village

Fast forward a few years, to just about this time last year.

I had started a blog about six months earlier and was beginning to build a pretty solid online presence.  I was active on all of the social media channels, but the one that I enjoyed the most was Instagram.  It really felt like a community to me and I am a sucker for beautiful photos and baby spam!

This is also [always] the time of year when everyone starts getting sick…am I right?  Well, last year was no different!  One day, shortly after I had posted something about another affliction, one of the gals from my tribe online reached out me.  She offered to send me a Wellness roller bottle along with a bottle of Christmas Spirit to give away to my followers.

I couldn’t believe her generosity & thoughtfulness!  And it came at such a perfect time when I was curious about oils but hadn’t sought out the information on my own.  Keren to the rescue!


Two things stick out to me from that first roller bottle.  First, was how AMAZING it smelled!  It was like autumn in a bottle!  I could smell that scent all day!  Second, was how I could tell so very quickly that it was really doing something.  I could feel the tingle from my toes all the way into my tongue (TMI?) after rolling onto the bottoms of my feet!

I was sold immediately & needed to know more!  So I began asking questions and made my first purchase with the intent to create a DIY teething remedy for my teething baby.  This is where I made one critical mistake.

It All Started With A Starter Kit

I wanted to join, but I was also trying to be overly frugal.  So I didn’t buy the suggested Premium Starter Kit.  I bought the Basic Starter Kit to save money. Doh!  Bad decision. While my initial outlay was less, I only got one bottle of oil & no diffuser! Ugh!

Contents of Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit with Price Breakdown | Check out how you can save over $200 off of retail and read about how I got started with oils | #essentialoils #premiumstarterkit #youngliving #diffuserblend #rollerblend

What I didn’t realize at the time is that the oils in the Premium Starter Kit are truly everyday oils.  We do use them!  And they are the basis for all the must-have recipes!  So I’ve spent the past few months trying to catch up and buy all of the right oils.

Essential Rewards

After a month or two I decided it would make sense to sign up for Essential Rewards (ER), which is basically a reward program for the oils.  I figured I might as well take advantage of the extra benefits since I was already placing the orders, right?  And I was blowing through my basic oils like nobody’s business.  I run through + have to replace these oils frequently:



I started out just ordering approximately $50/MO in product which roughly translates to the minimum 50 PV (purchase volume) to participate in Essential Rewards.  I stuck with that volume for roughly four months until I realized two things…


 65 Quick + Easy Uses for the Young Living Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit | Check them out along with my story on how I got started with oils! | #essentialoils #premiumstarterkit #youngliving #diffuserblend #rollerblend


One, I wasn’t able to buy everything I needed as quickly as I needed it at that level.  And two, you get more free stuff when you increase to 100 PV in one order.  Plus you can earn commission on anyone who signs up under you when you’re at that level.  So this will be my 2nd month at 100 PV or more!

Oily Family

At this point, we use oils in our diffusers throughout our home pretty much all day long.  Everyone has their own collection of roller bottles stashed away.  Like one for Focus that my 8-year-old uses for school, Baby Cough for my little guy who is battling a wicked cough, Awake for their Dad who often drives late at night, and Wellness for mama…it will always be my favorite!  I cannot live without Stress Away either!

Also, I am now in the process of replacing all of our household items with all natural, essential oil infused products.  So things I normally buy on my grocery run, like toothpaste, cleaning spray & laundry detergent are being replaced!  Some of these I am making myself DIY style & others I’m just buying with my ER order.

One other amazing thing that I have to mention is what an incredibly supportive and engaging community I’ve found with Young Living.  I’m just dipping my toe in, but the sisterhood of the group is something that is obvious immediately.  I think we are all looking for that kind of community and it is such a blessing!

Obviously, oils have taken over my life, so the logical next step is to look into the business side of things.  I love researching, gathering information, and helping people on their journey!  So that is my long-winded story about how essential oils slowly took over my life! And I am loving every minute of it!

I’ll Be There

If you do want to know more about how oils can benefit both you + your family please let me know what questions you have.  And if you’re interested in the business side please feel free to reach out for more info…it’s pretty awesome!

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My Young Living Distributor ID: 11854996

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