Pregnancy Test Time? Try This Cute Tradition When You Are TTC

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As soon as you decide to grow your family you will be on an emotional rollercoaster.


This may be your first month trying to get pregnant. Or you may have been trying to conceive for years.


No matter where you are on your journey, there will be ups and downs.


And sometimes it feels like it’s more work, and maybe disappointment than anything else. That can get really discouraging.


So I am here to give you a little ‘pick me up’ in the form of a fun little tradition or ritual to try.


I will advise ahead of time that you need to save this one for AFTER you miss a period.


I know, I know…when you are charting and trying, it is all but impossible to live through the two-week-wait. And now I’m asking you to not even use the cheap little dipsticks on a daily basis starting around 8 days DPO like we all have the urge to do!


Maybe I’m crazy, but I can promise you this will make a super cute memory and you can even take some fun photos to commemorate the occasion!


Ok, so if you’ve read my first birth story, then you know that I got pregnant with my first child at the age of 29. We weren’t really ‘trying’, but we just had that feeling.


But as “moon time” approached I began feeling what seemed like PMS symptoms, so I assumed the hunch was wrong. Yet Aunt Flo never showed up.


So when I was about a week late we decided it might be time to take a pregnancy test. And if you know us, you know that we never do anything the simple, easy way. There is always fanfare involved!




This was no different.  So we went out to eat at Olive Garden and laughed about all the crying kiddos. All the while imagining how our lives might look one year from then.


We then went across the street to Target and bought three things:


1 | A DVD copy of the movie Juno

2 | A jug of Sunny D and

3 | 2 Tests [1 – Regular Pregnancy Test + 1 – Digital Pregnancy Test]


We then went home, snuggled up, and watched our movie. All the while chugging that Sunny D.


[If you’ve never seen the movie, then I’m not going to spoil it for you by telling you why this is funny.  You just have to watch it for yourselves!]


After the movie, we decided it was time.




So I pulled out the regular pink stick & peed on it. We set it to marinate for 3 minutes and waited.


William checked it first and showed it to me. At first glance, I was certain it was negative. But upon further staring, it seemed as though there may be a slight shadow of a second line.


We read the instructions front to back and it said that if there was ANY hint of a second line, then it was positive. But it just didn’t seem definitive enough, so we tried the digital version.


We repeated the process. And when he flipped the test around to show me it was a big fat “Pregnant”!  We embraced, cried, and immediately notified my mother!


We took polaroids of the results, which I still have. But I wish we had taken more photos that night.


It’s such a fun memory to look back on and it will be fun to relay to GQ when he is older.  We try to make everything in our family fun and memorable…we are kind of tradition nerds.


We repeated this ritual with our second child, which was lots of fun! And it really got us reminiscing about our first rodeo!


This is one that I hope you might try out and I hope it brings you the same beautiful luck that it has brought us!


And I wish you all the luck in the world on your journey to grow your sweet, beautiful family!  Happy baby making!


Please share your good news and maybe even photos with us in the comments below! Or post on IG using the hashtag #HPTTradition !


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